How to Make Your Cat Eye Makeup Scarey (and a Cat)

How to Make Your Cat Eye Makeup Scarey (and a Cat)

Cat eye makeup is often seen as a cute fashion accessory.

In fact, the popular makeup artist Marc Jacobs even put out a book called Cat Eye Masks, which offers tips on how to create a cat eye.

But what if your cat doesn’t have the makeup skills?

Here are six tips for making your cat eye make-up scary and scary-looking.


Make the mask the same color as the rest of your cat’s eyes.

Cats have two different types of eyes.

One type of cat eye is blue, while the other type is pinkish-purple.

Make sure your cat gets a makeup mask that matches the other eyes.

If your cat has brown eyes, your cat should also get a pink makeup mask.


Apply makeup in one layer.

Use a mascara brush or a small paint brush.

The amount of product will depend on how much makeup you use.

You can apply mascara to the area under your cateye and then add a layer of makeup on top.


Put a mask over your cat.

If you don’t have makeup on your cat, use a small lip brush or nail polish brush to apply a mask.

Makeup will also be applied to the sides of the face.


Apply eye shadow.

Apply a little black eyeliner to the inside of your eyes and make sure it’s dark enough that it doesn’t appear to your cat that you’re putting eye shadow on him.


Apply mascara.

Apply two coats of mascara and blend.

Make your cat look like a mannequin.


Apply lipstick.

Make up is a good way to add depth to your face without making it look fake.

Here are a few makeup tips for adding a little pop to your look.


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