A funny cat meme that could save the planet

A funny cat meme that could save the planet

It was the week of the cat’s annual catnap, and people were going to sleep, too.

But one cat, a little fluffy one named Lola, had a funny idea.

The cute little cat, known for her ability to mimic people and have her head stuck in their ears, decided to go on a cat nap, instead of sleeping in a tent.

She’s been going on the nap for about a week now, and has made it a bit of a trend, with people posting pictures of their sleeping cat to social media.

Lola sleeps on the ground.

“She’s doing it with a little bit of humor,” said Karyn Foskey, a cat researcher and author of the new book, “I Like to Snuggle and Cuddle Cats.”

“I mean, she’s just enjoying the moment.

But I guess it’s a little scary when a cat does something so dangerous and risky.”

Lola’s not the first cat to sleep in tents.

Foskey said the cat sleeps on her own, on a mattress that folds out on itself when she’s not sleeping.

But the cat she sleeps on has a bed made of wood, and it’s sturdy enough to hold Lola.

“It’s just her own little space that she’s going to be sleeping in,” Fosball said.

Lula has made some fans on Facebook.

“Lola is an amazing cat,” wrote one user.

“She has so many good qualities, and I am proud to have her as my cat.

She will be a big help to those in need and will keep us safe.”

Lolas owner, Michelle Kornfield, is also a cat lover, and when the cat is not sleeping in her tent, she takes Lola out on walks, and to the dog park.

Kornfield said she would be more comfortable with Lola sleeping in the back of a car than in a small tent.

Lolas current home is on a remote part of Montana called The Lonesome Coast, and she has plans to move it someday.

Cat lovers are just starting to learn about the risks of sleeping outdoors, and the need for shelters.

Foskie said she has a lot of cats who are interested in sleeping outdoors in her home.

“A lot of them don’t like it because they’re scared of heights,” she said.

“They like it in the backyard.

And a lot are in the woods.”

Foski said cats are great pets because they can be very affectionate, and they don’t need a lot to do.

But if they are aggressive and disruptive, the owner can have trouble keeping them.

Fonker said it’s important for the cat to have a safe space, even if it means sleeping in your tent.


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