White cat is worth more than white cats

White cat is worth more than white cats

A white cat is being valued at $2 million, according to a report.

White cats have been a favourite of the wealthy in recent years, as their colour is perceived to be more recognisable and has attracted more investment into the breed.

However, a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and published in the American Veterinary Journal shows the cats are worth only about $400,000 on average, compared with a white cat worth $1.6 million.

This is down from $1 million for a white and $2.5 million for two black cats, who are also the best bred.

White cat breeder John D. Miller said the new study showed that the white breed was “worth less” than the black breed, which he said has been seen as the “most fashionable cat”.

“White cats are more recognisably coloured than black cats,” Mr Miller said.

“They have been bred to be beautiful and attractive, but the real value is in their temperament, in their ability to be loyal to their owners and to be social.”

That makes them more desirable than the most expensive and best-bred cats.

“He said that while white cats are considered “fashionable”, they are still “not as beautiful as the black cats”.

The study, which involved more than 200 white and black cats in five different cities, also found that while the black cat is prized for its “stache” and “pout”, the white cat “is considered beautiful”.”

It has that characteristic that is very distinctive,” he said.

In recent years white cat breeders have been keen to attract more attention to their breeds and attract more investment.

Mr Miller said he hoped that with a more diversified breed, more white cats would be bred.”

This is not about selling black cats as a white dog,” he added.”

The more that we get in the breeding program, the more we get out of it.

“We will be getting a black dog with white hair.”



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