A New Zealand Fisher cat is a new breed

A New Zealand Fisher cat is a new breed

Cat diarrhea is a common disease in cats, but the disease is rarely fatal.

Now, a new species of the disease, known as cat diarrhea, has been discovered in New Zealand.

The new species, which is found in the coastal waters of New Zealand, is called the Fisher cat.

It is a hybrid between a cat and a crocodile.

The species was discovered by conservationists after the carcass of a cat was found floating in the Gulf of New Guinea.

“This is an amazing finding,” said Dr Rebecca Hogg, a marine biologist and an assistant professor of animal sciences at the University of Otago.

“It is very unusual in the world of amphibians.”

Dr Hogg and her colleagues were surprised by the unusual species.

“We thought it was a new fish, but we were very surprised to see a cat-like fish,” she said.

The fish’s unique appearance was first noticed by a fisherman on Christmas Eve.

It was only then that it was spotted by researchers who tracked the fish’s movements to New Zealand’s north-east coast.

They found that it had evolved a new body shape to evade predators, including predators of all kinds.

Dr Hagg said that the fish was found on the coast of the North Island.

“It is quite unusual because there are no other fish known to have this condition,” she added.

The Fisher cat has evolved a bizarre and very unusual body pattern, with a thick skin and a short snout, which allow it to evade any predators that might attack its body.

The new species is named Fisher cat kiwi, after the country’s first resident fisherman.

It has been named after the town in which it was found.

Dr Peter Hogg said that while Fisher cat was originally a small fish, the species had grown to a large size.

“The fish looks quite unusual, and we didn’t expect to find it in New York,” he said.

“We were hoping to find a crocodilian-type fish in New Guinea, but instead found a cat.”


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