Why do cats prefer black cats?

Why do cats prefer black cats?

The cats in our lives are not always the smartest ones, but the more intelligent we become, the more we crave that sort of stuff, a new study has found.

The findings are based on a series of experiments in which researchers placed cats in groups of four or six, and then monitored them for how long they slept, whether they ate or groomed.

Their behaviour, in other words, is measured against the requirements of a social hierarchy.

If one cat is too smart for the group, the others will move on to the next.

And the researchers observed how long each cat stayed in the group and whether it acted like a cat with its own sense of humour.

They also compared how long it took each cat to reach the top of the food chain, which is a crucial step in determining the overall social status of a cat.

“We found that the more advanced and successful the cats were, the longer they stayed in a group,” Dr Simon Sacks, a professor at the University of British Columbia and one of the authors of the study, told New Scientist.

So, why do cats enjoy being smart and smart cats?

It’s partly because cats tend to be attracted to those who are smart, Sacks said.

But, in the words of a colleague: “It seems cats prefer cats who are highly intelligent.”

The researchers say this may explain why the animals are so adept at detecting a cat that is intelligent, rather than one that is not.

While there are other explanations for the attraction to the intelligence of cats, Saks thinks that it might be linked to the brain’s ability to process complex information.

The ability to see and analyse complex data is a skill that is highly valued in many animals, including humans, and animals like cats are very good at it, he said.

“This might be why cats like intelligent people and the less intelligent cats don’t.”

The researchers found that cats were equally good at detecting smart or less intelligent people as the cats that were the smartest.

Sacks believes the relationship between intelligence and social status is important for understanding why animals like smart cats and smart people are attracted to each other.

He said: “The more advanced the cats are, the better they are at socialisation and getting along with each other, so it seems the more smart and successful a cat is, the less it likes the less successful it is.”


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