It’s all about the cat: The latest and greatest NHL trade rumours heading into this weekend

It’s all about the cat: The latest and greatest NHL trade rumours heading into this weekend

It’s no secret that a lot of hockey news is happening this weekend.

That said, there are a few things that are a bit more interesting and worth a look.

First off, the NHL trade deadline is happening on Friday and there is a lot happening that will affect teams and players.

So, what do we know and how much can we expect?

The trade deadline itself is very important to understand because it is a major part of the NHL schedule, which is a huge thing in the NHL.

The deadline comes at the end of the season and players have until the last day of the regular season to submit their contracts and agree to a deal.

The player who signs with his new team will receive a $4.75 million bonus, while the team that signs him will receive $1 million in salary.

The salary cap rises each year, and it could be more than $7 million by the time the deadline hits.

That is why the deadline has become a major event for the NHL, as teams are looking for the perfect opportunity to land a star player to replace their departing one.

In a perfect world, the deadline would have been Monday, March 5, but the league’s general manager is not a fan of the shortened schedule and has told teams to start the new season on Friday.

This means that teams have until Friday at 11:59 p.m.

Eastern to submit a deal and submit the contract by noon Eastern on Thursday.

There are two big reasons why this is so important.

First, it means that no one has to wait until the end in order to sign their contract.

That means teams have more time to make the most of their cap space, which has been a key to the success of the team’s rebuilding efforts.

This is important because it allows teams to spend their cap-friendly funds on players that will help the team during the offseason.

The second reason for this is because the deadline will determine who the best players are for the next two or three seasons.

This could be a situation where one player could have a huge impact on a team’s future.

In this case, that player could be the player who is still under contract with the team.

There are several players on the trade market who could be considered top-six forwards and/or wingers for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Penguins currently have a pair of young forwards in Jonathan Toews and Pascal Dupuis.

Dupuas was signed to a three-year contract worth $6.5 million per season and Toews is expected to sign a four-year deal worth $8.8 million per year.

It is likely that both players will be unrestricted free agents after the deadline.

The first one will be available to any team, while Dupues and Toiwes will not.

If Dupuias and Toiyes do not sign deals before March 31, the Penguins would be able to trade their picks in the draft and/ or acquire a player via trade.

There is one other player on the Penguins’ roster who could become an unrestricted free agent after the trade deadline.

That player is forward Matt Cullen, who has been with the Penguins since 2014.

Cullen has a three years and $8 million deal, while he is under contract through 2018-19.

The 23-year-old is coming off an impressive season, scoring 31 goals and 40 points in 74 games.

He is one of the best young players in the league, and if the Penguins decide to move on from him, it would make sense to take advantage of his value.

Cullen is also a good bet to land on a top-line winger and has the potential to be a very valuable player.

He has great size and a good shot.

He could fit into any line-up and it would be tough for a team to pass on the opportunity to acquire him.

Coyotes defenseman Tyson Barrie could be one of those players that teams are eyeing.

Barrie is one year away from turning 27 and could easily be a top NHL defenseman for the Coyotes if he can stay healthy and play his best hockey.

Barries best position is on the left wing, where he is a physical presence and strong skater.

He also has good speed and the ability to score goals.

The Coyotes need a defenseman, and Barrie fits the bill.

If Barrie and Cullen do not become unrestricted free-agents after the season, the Ducks will likely be in on Barrie, who would make them the third team to trade a pick in the first round this year.

He would be a good fit for the Ducks, who need a puck-moving defenseman and he could help them get back to the playoffs this season.

There is no guarantee that Barrie will sign with the Ducks this summer, but if he does, he could make a nice signing for the Anaheim Ducks.

As for the Flyers, they are looking to move forward with their rebuild, which includes signing forward Travis Konec


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