How to bring a cat home from the dead

How to bring a cat home from the dead

A cat died in a fire that was set in a suitcase in Moscow, Russia, but she’s still with us, and it’s not too late to bring her home.

Mashable spoke to the cat’s owner, Phoebe Cates, who told us she lost her cat to the blaze that was sparked by a suitcase.

“I think she is dead,” Cates told Mashable.

“I don’t know why I did it.

I did this because I am a cat person.

I do not think it was intentional.

But I do know that I am the one who will have to bury her.”

The cat died on Dec. 14, but it took months for her to be found, and her remains were only discovered on Feb. 1.

But after being buried in a Russian forest, the cat is now alive and well, and Cates has vowed to take her home for a happy reunion.

“It is very important to bring this cat home,” Cate said.

“She was my little kitten.”

Cates said she was surprised by the reaction to the death of her cat, and was heartened to see people responding positively.

“People want to help.

I think they want to give her a place to stay and they want her to feel safe,” Cators said.”

If I am going to give a cat a place of its own, then I want to do that right.”


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