FourFour Two: Cat cages are great for cat lovers

FourFour Two: Cat cages are great for cat lovers

Three out of four cats in the UK spend some of their time in cat cages, according to a new survey by the charity Cats International.

They also have a tendency to use them more than their owners would like.

Here are the top five reasons why cats like them, according the organisation.


Cats are social cats The researchers, who surveyed more than 4,000 households across the UK, found that two thirds of people said their cats were very happy to spend time with people, but just 14 per cent were happy to interact with strangers.

This is partly because they feel that the other cat has to take care of them, while they’re not doing it themselves.

And, despite the fact that it’s not a problem to have a companion cat, it’s still a huge problem when they have to get away from people.

So when people feel threatened by cats, it can be a cause for concern.

But this does not mean that their cats are necessarily happier, the report says.

The majority of respondents said that when their cat is alone, it makes them feel “a little bit scared”.

This is because the cat is less likely to be able to be with people and therefore it’s easier to be alone.

This could lead to aggression, which is bad for the cat’s health.


Cats can be very good friends Cats can get along very well with people because they enjoy being around them.

In fact, some people said that they would be happy to have one of their cats around them, if it meant the other person was happy to help.

But, according a study by researchers at the University of Portsmouth, only two out of five cat owners would be comfortable with a cat in a group of friends.

That’s because their cat would be more likely to become aggressive towards people if they were alone.

It also means that they are more likely than other people to get injured.


Cats do not need to be confined The majority (56 per cent) of people surveyed by Cats International were confident that their cat has an indoor home.

This means that most people have cats and their pets don’t need to have any kind of enclosure.

And this is especially true of younger cats.

So the majority of cat owners who say they are happy to share their cat with other people have had one or more of their own cats.


Cats love being with humans It’s not that they’re social cats, but they are very likely to do more than just look after you.

In the UK alone, the researchers found that half of the people surveyed had one cat or a cat-like animal with them at all times.

This can be because of a fear of strangers, fear of people or simply having no choice but to interact.

This also means they are less likely than people who live in different households to keep pets separate.

So cats are happier when they’re surrounded by people and they are happier even when they aren’t.


Cats have a higher sense of safety Some cats may feel more secure in a home that’s free from strangers and humans, and they’re more likely if their owners live in an area where they have access to all of their facilities.

Cats may also be happier when their owners are safe from predators.

It’s also important to remember that people don’t have to be afraid of their cat to enjoy the cat-cattery experience.

The researchers said: “When a cat has been placed in a cage, it does not feel secure in it.

If your cat has lived in an enclosed space, it may feel like they have become more secure.”

The researchers suggest that this is because their owners have been trained to trust the cat in this way.

But even in the absence of training, it is possible that a cat could be more secure when it is with its owner.

And the research has been published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.


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